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If you are an author or publisher of Lewis and Clark material, USA Aloft would like to hear from you.  You can integrate your materials with USA Aloft's Lewis and Clark software to allow your readers dynamic access to your text and other media.

Almost any material will work.  Here's what has to happen:

One possible scenario:  you have text and pictures for a book.  You also have some video that you would like to make available.  You would like to make all of it available in electronic form.    Let's say your information is identified with mile posts along the Trail. First, you need to break your material up into web accessible pieces based on the mileposts. Then, working with USA Aloft, those pieces are tagged with some position, as identified by the NaviMetrix™ algorithms, in this case, the mile post.  (If there is no previously available metric transformation available, USA Aloft can create one for you.  For example, if the "position" were the county or township along the route, we would construct a metric relating these to the Trail.)  Select from USA Aloft's image database of over 50,000 Lewis and Clark pictures to supplement your material.  You may like our standard selections but want more in depth coverage of an area of interest.   We can help you select, or even take custom pictures to meet your needs.  Once all of the data is assembled, USA Aloft helps with the database creation, testing and package assembly.   Your text, images and video appear along with images from the USA Aloft collection as a DVD (or CD) for inclusion with your book.

Contact us about the many other possibilities that exist.