Lewis and Clark Bibliography

On this page, we have collected a bibliography of works that we have found useful in our planning and research for the Lewis and Clark Project including books, music and original sources.  There is a great deal of material available on the web as well and a few links to major sites are also included. Not an endorsement, but a statement that we found these useful.

Lewis and Clark Journals, 13 Volumes Books

This is the definitive work on Lewis and Clark, presenting in annotated form the journals of Meriwether Lewis, William Clark  and  four of the enlisted men.  Described by the publisher as:

"one of the major scholarly achievements of the late twentieth century. Beautifully designed, first editions are now collectors’ items. This is the essential set for scholars, dedicated enthusiasts, and collectors."

USA Aloft agrees with this evaluation. Besides the hardcover edition, other formats may be available from University of Nebraska Press who also makes the journals available online.

Prior to Moulton, this eight volume set was the definitive work.  Volume 8 consisted of the maps.  A number of reprints are available from your favorite bookstore.

And prior to Thwaites, this 1814 publication was the definitive volume.  It took 8 years after the expedition for an account of the journey to be published, although apparently the journals were available to the scientific community prior to publication. 

This series is an invaluable aid to the truly dedicated follower of Lewis and Clark.  Martin Plamondon spent 30 years painstakingly reconstructing the surveyed path of Lewis and Clark from the original journal data.  That path, along with excerpts from the journals and cartographers notes, is presented with both modern and historical topographic data.  Each volume presents plates covering a different portion of the route.  The plates use the Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) grid system which is used by many modern maps and GPS systems.  USA Aloft's software shows the route based on the data from these plates but updated with errata discovered when we correlated our reading of the UTM coordinated from the plates with topographic charts.  We highly recommend the spiral bound versions (ISBNs above) which lay flat when opened.

A marvelous popular account of the Expedition, written by one of America's pre-eminent historians and leading Lewis and Clark enthusiasts.  Ambrose returned to the Trail with his family every year for more than twenty years, walking, paddling, driving or riding on horseback to gain a deep personal understanding of the Expedition's experience. 

Original letters from Lewis, Clark, Jefferson and others concerning the expedition.  An excellent and frequently cited companion to Gary Moulton's annotated journals work shown above.

A collection of essays concerning Jackson's work on Lewis and Clark, including his "discovery" that Lewis's dog was named Seaman and not Scannon as previously thought.

The text follows that of Undaunted Courage by Ambrose.  The magnificent photographs make us jealous.  Enough said.

A reasonably priced guide to driving along the Trail with an interesting mix of historical information about the Trail and modern information about sites you might wish to visit.

A widely used period text describing surveying techniques used through the century after its writing.  USA Aloft uses this text for its Lewis and Clark Survey course.


USA Aloft has all of these CDs and regularly enjoys the mix of period music they present.  We present just the titles and some links and addresses for the creators of the music.  If you visit the web sites, you may find song lists and even samples.

Original Sources and Other Links