USA Aloft employs a variety of cameras and lens systems for our work, including a Pentax SLR (35mm film), a Canon S30 (3 mega pixel digital), a Kodak DC 260 (1.5 mega pixel) and a pair of Kodak DCS 760s.

Kodak DCS 760

Most of our work is done using the Kodak DCS 760C Professional digital cameras.  These rugged 6 mega pixel cameras are built around Nikon F5 bodies, support Nikon lens systems and provide an idea basis for a camera system intended to be suspended under the wings, externally on an airplane.

Kodak 760C Camera - Front View      Kodak 760C Camera - Rear View

The front and back are shown here with the 28mm lens mounted.  Kodak has a support page with data about this camera including a Quick Setup Guide (PDF 1.9MB) and the full User's Guide (PDF 14MB). 


Lenses used with the Kodak DCS 760Lenses

For aerial pictures, we generally use a Nikon 28mm f/2.8D AF Nikkor lens.  The DCS 760 has a focal length multiplier of about 1.3, so this lens is "equivalent" to about a 36mm lens.

For general photography, we sometimes use a  Nikon 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5D AF Zoom-Nikkor lens.  The macro capability of this lens is often useful. This lens is equivalent to a 36mm - 137mm lens.

Most often for general photography, we use a Tamron AF28-300MM F/3.5-6.3 XR lens. Great optical characteristics, lightweight, and with good zoom capability for close up and distant subjects, this lens has served us well. This lens is equivalent to a 36mm - 390mm lens.