Sample From and Aviation ChartCustom Databases

USA Aloft can help you to create a custom database and the navigation software to use it.  Use it standalone from physical media (DVD or CD) or across the web.  Here are some examples:

Town Maps - Using your images, satellite data or images that we take, we will help you represent your town.  To navigate the town, we could use a recent tax map or an aerial photograph.  A user could click on an area to get overhead views, tax data or any other information your town wants to present.

Historic Trails, Rivers, Canals - Besides the Lewis and Clark Trail, many other historic pathways exist in the US. We can collect images and integrate them into a user friendly software and database package for your enthusiasts.

Sample State Park MapNature Trails,  Arboretums, Parks - Give your visitors an interactive map with pictures, text and video of featured areas.  Use our software at marker locations to present descriptive material.  Our software locates database entries using a very general definition of a "position".  You could define a position in time and space to allow your visitors to see seasonal information or even geologic history using simple, familiar controls.

Zoos or Wildlife Parks - Just like a Nature Trail, you could allow your visitors to view natural habitat, animal behavior or just find their way from exhibit to exhibit.

Donor Gifts - If you are responsible for fundraising, consider the benefits of a software package for its descriptive value in a scenario above, but also consider using the software as a gift for special donors.  They get their own view of a treasured area to take home and view at any time.

To find out more, you should read about our technology and software capabilities. Also, much as we would for your project, see how we offer Lewis and Clark authors the ability to adapt our software to their needs.

Don't be scared off by price estimates you have seen in the past from other companies. We are a new company, eager to gain a place in the market.  Because we do the image collection, software tailoring and database preparation in house, we can be very competitive. 

Contact us today to discuss your favorite project.