Fine Art Photography

USA Aloft features the photographic work of David Saxe.  Working throughout his adult life in a highly technical environment, David has not forgotten nor neglected the appreciation of the natural world taught by his parents.  His father, a zoologist with experience in botany and geology, made every venture from the home into a learning experience about the flora, fauna and environment. His mother, Martha L. Saxe, a musician and artist, insured that his scientific view of the world was tempered through the eyes of an artist. David’s primary portfolio, Observations of Nature, explores his resulting vision of nature through color, texture and scale.   Sometimes bold and sometimes subtle, these glimpses of nature connect the viewer with the simple elegance of the world around us.


"Winnipesaukee Mist"

Artists Statement

“I try to represent nature as-is. Because my images are meant to accurately reflect the world, I keep the post-processing of images to a minimum.  Images have only been cropped and color adjusted to present the subject as I saw it when capturing the image.   Accurate depiction of the world should not interfere with a different perspective.  I strive to find fresh views and to convey the mood and outlook of that approach to the audience.  If, after viewing my images, you gain one new way of looking at some aspect of nature, then I have achieved my purpose.  Of course, I also hope you simply enjoy the images.” - David Saxe


"Lake Massabesic" from Observations of Nature

Other Portfolios

Since creating "Observations of Nature", David has begun work on several other portfolios.  Here is a listing of all of his portfolios with links to our online store, where you can survey his work and purchase cards and prints.

Fine Art at Our Store


Stunning images from these collections grace the front of our cards and are certain to be remembered by friends, relatives or business associates. The blank interiors are ready for your personal message, or contact us to have your message printed for that special occasion. For more information about the format, paper and printing technology, click on Cards.

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Wood Spirit #1


Occasionally, we may also feature the work of other artists. For example, a popular item recently has been "Candlestick", a gift card created from an original pen and ink by Martha Saxe.

You can also buy your own Wood Spirit License.  USA Aloft will create your very own Wood Spirit License bearing your picture and information. The credit card-sized license is printed using the same high quality printing system as our fine art images.  You must be at least 13 to order.   

Wood Spirit License

Now that our store is open, we expect to make regular additions to the collection of published work.  David has many unpublished works.  In particular, we know he plans to release a number of additions to "Buoys" in the near future.  Check back often or subscribe to our info-request mailing list to be notified of new additions.

We have found that many people want to know the story behind a picture. Did someone send you a card or give you art for your wall and you want to know more? Each product in the store has background text containing more information about the work.  You can use the store search to locate a product page using the title or picture ID of the card or print.

Nature Photography Workshops

Nature photography encompasses a wide range of venues, subjects and purposes. USA Aloft offers basic workshops, intermediate workshops and workshops tailored to meet specific customer requirements. The basic workshop mixes instruction with practical field experience to introduce aspects of nature photography including composition, exposure, lighting, camera operation and field techniques.  Intermediate courses exist to further explore Depth of Field, Printing, and Painting with Light.  Taught by photographer, David Saxe, these courses rely on both classroom and practical experience.  Mr. Saxe's personal interests in photography include computer control of camera systems, stereo photography and time lapse photography.  Contact USA Aloft to plan a workshop for one of these advanced topics.