Lewis and Clark Trail Map from American Philosophical SocietyLewis and Clark

Have you heard about USA Aloft's exciting new Lewis and Clark Project?   Travel the entire Lewis and Clark Trail in minutes. Navigate the Trail to find pictures,  textual information and multimedia  by location, date, keyword and other search techniques. Learn more...

Historic Sites

So far, we have taken nearly 60,000 digital images of the Lewis and Clark Trail, many in stereo!   To request that your historic site be included in our collection, contact us.  Find out more...


Authoring material about Lewis and Clark?  Integrate your materials with USA Aloft's software to allow your readers dynamic access to your text and other media.  Select from USA Aloft's image database of over 50,000 Lewis and Clark pictures to supplement your material.   Learn more...

Maybe you have your own favorite historic or geographic region of interest.  With a custom database, USA Aloft can help you document the area from the air or ground with stereo or conventional digital imaging.  Our user friendly software interface lets your users "fly" various views to browse for information.  Learn more...

Courses, Talks, School Programs

USA Aloft has announced a variety of educational programs including Lewis and Clark programs, Light, the Universe and Everything astronomy exhibit, Nature Photography Workshops and a  Young Scientist: Object Oriented Programming course.  Most  programs are available for a general audience or as school programs. 

Fine Art Photography

USA Aloft offers cards and prints from the portfolios of several artists in our online store.  Read about these works on our fine art page or go directly to the store to view our offerings.  Our growing wood spirit collection and FAQ is particularly interesting

Stereo Photography

Interested in stereo photography, ground based or aerial?  New technology makes stereo photography more accessible.  Learn more...

USA Aloft

USA Aloft is a New Hampshire based company specializing in digital photography, ground-based and aerial, including conventional and stereo images.  Our user friendly software allows the user to “fly” a route, viewing images and other information chosen with a variety of controls. Find out more about USA Aloft and its talented personnel.

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