Email to/from USA Aloft

Mailing Lists

You may join one of several USA Aloft mailing lists for announcements by visiting our subscription page. There you will find descriptions of the lists and instructions for joining and leaving the lists. We take your privacy seriously.  If you haven't done so already, please take a moment to read our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy before subscribing.

Obtaining a Unique Email Address

For years, we have employed a policy of giving out unique email addresses for individuals and businesses to contact us. For example, if your business is called MyConcern, you may have been told to send mail to. In general, such email is forwarded internally to someone responsible for reading mail from your company. That policy has worked reasonably well and allows us to turn off addresses that suddenly become sources of serious spam. For example, if your database of email addresses is hacked, we can simply shut down all email from that unique address.

In a recent revamping of our email, we have changed the way this works behind the scenes. We believe we have accurately re-registered all past addresses. However, we may have missed some. If you are now unable to reach us with an address that worked for you in the past, you may always use a method on our contact us page to reach us or try the procedure below.

We have set up a special email address to handle a request for a business- or individual-unique email address to reach us. Here are the steps involved:

1) Obtain the current registration email address. Following the link uses the challenge and response system of Google's reCAPTCHA Mailhide to verify you are a human and then reveals an email address. Please note that this address will change over time. (You may read more about Google's reCAPTCHA Mailhide here.)

2) Send email to that revealed address explaining why you want a new address or what old address you are attempting to have re-instated.

3) A live person will read your email and respond ONLY if your request for an address is granted. We reserve the right to ignore your email, to refuse to grant an address or to terminate a granted email address at any time without cause.

Some notes: It helps to have javascript enabled, but is not necessary. If you are using javascript, the challenge and response opens a new window. Otherwise, you will need to use the back button to return to USA Aloft. If you cannot read the challenge, there is a recycle button to obtain another image. There is also a help button that explains more about reCAPTCHA and its use.

Yes, it is all a bit draconian. Unfortuately, the fight against spam means we all suffer. Getting your own address to use when dealing with us helps to defeat part of the problem.