David and Camera in Car MirrorThe People at USA Aloft

David Saxe is a Systems Architect, Pilot and Photographer with a strong background in scientific programming and systems design. Working for fifteen years at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, NJ, he created software for analysis, reduction and graphical presentation of astrophysics images, including data from Hubble Space Telescope.  David left the Institute in 2001 and recently formed USA Aloft, where he works on the Lewis and Clark project. When he is not working for USA Aloft, he adds to his fine art portfolios 

Barbara Benton is a Reviewer Extraordinaire, presently working for a major database vendor as a Principal Member of Technical Staff.  Previously, she has performed demographic analysis for a Princeton University group, statistical and scientific programming for Educational Testing Service,  micro controller user interface design for several New England based companies and database and scientific software design for Digital Equipment Corporation.  Drawing on her father's photographic work and her mothers artistic talent, she enjoys photography and dabbles with a variety of musical instruments, including the banjo.  USA Aloft relies on Barbara's  review of everything from concept and design to implementation and user interface.

Christoph SaxeChristoph Saxe is a Consultant in Portland Oregon.  Until recently, he worked as an Associate Cataloger for OCLC Online Computer Library Center.  In his seven years there, he gained a deep understanding of information organization strategies.  His true passion, however, is his continuing work with Liminal Performance Group where he serves as a founding member, board member, technical designer and sometime actor. As an editor, Christoph has applied his significant talent with the English language to a variety of works both in Portland and in preparation of programs for fine art presentations for David Saxe.   In his consulting capacity for USA Aloft, he serves as editor, critic,  reviewer and web design consultant.