USA Aloft's Products and Services

Welcome to USA Aloft's Product Summary Page.  Here you will find information on all of the products offered by USA Aloft, along with links to more information.

Fort Clatsop, Astoria, ORLewis and Clark Products

Of course, our premier product at the moment is our Lewis and Clark software.  Focused on providing a non-commercial, educational and research tool for investigating the Lewis and Clark Trail, this software features an easy to use navigation window and provides access to our database of aerial images covering most of the Trail.  The software is planned for release during Fall 2004. Read more...

We also will be offering an authoring version of  our software.  This version provides the navigation and database tools from our software, along with access to our database of over 50,000 images to authors writing about Lewis and Clark.  USA Aloft helps you integrate your material with our software.  Read more...

Courses, Talks, School Programs

USA Aloft has announced a variety of educational programs including Lewis and Clark programs, Light, the Universe and Everything astronomy exhibit, Nature Photography Workshops and our  Young Scientist: Object Oriented Programming course.  Most  programs are available for a general audience or as school programs. 

Custom Databases

USA Aloft can help you create a database of images covering your own region or path of interest. Once the database is built, we can tailor our software to provide a user friendly navigation tool for your database.  Read more...

Hubble Image of Huchra's LensConsulting

We can help you with your next project.  USA Aloft draws on its years of expertise to offer consulting services in a variety of areas. Two examples:

High Quality Digital Photography

Need professional quality digital images?  Our 6 Mega Pixel, Nikon based, Kodak Professional camera images may be just what you want.  Images from this camera system will provide high quality prints up to 16x20.  In house, we can provide low volume, reasonably priced archival quality prints up to 13x19.  Contact us for details.

Fine Art Photography

David Saxe's portfolios, including "Observations of Nature" are now available for viewing and purchase.  Read about our fine art offerings.

Time Lapse Video

Need a  video condensing 18 months of building construction into several minutes?  Our stereo collection system is automated to take pictures at regular intervals.  Using two cameras for stereo or just a single camera, we create time lapse photography of a subject.  We post-process the sequence of images, adding music and titles to produce a video presentation of the subject in transition.  Using custom software, we can even align and scale images taken from different cameras to produce a similar effect.  Output media can be for the web, VHS or DVD.